Saturday, 9 April 2016

Marmite bridal gift

This pretty little bridal keepsake was made from the lid of a Marmite jar! Trust me, this was only because I had it on good authority that the bride was actually obsessed with Marmite :)

I created the collage on a piece of cardboard first, using the interior of an old envelope as the base [you'd never believe what gorgeous designs lurk within the most boring old white envelopes!].
I printed the text out, stained the paper with some black coffee and then cut around it.
The flowers were cut from magazines.
Next, I stuck the circular collage into the Marmite lid, bearing in mind, I had pencilled around the lid originally, to ensure the correct size.
Lastly, I tied a piece of red gingham ribbon around the lid, using tiny dabs of Superglue at strategic points so it wouldn't shift about.
I was really happy with the result and so was the bride.

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