Saturday, 9 April 2016


Step closer human child, lean in so you can hear me. I dwell within this little doll, so no-one else can see me.
 I am monster, demon, goddess, witch, with a soul as black as darkest pitch.
I lived as a queen for a thousand years, in a glorious reign of blood and tears.
 I have flown though the night on ravens' wings, commanding a legion of darkest things.

 I died at the hands of the righteous and proud, burned at the stake in a scarlet shroud.
Long have I slept in the realms of the dead, with rats at my feet and snakes at my head.

But now my time is come again, to hypnotise the hearts of men.
So I require a living host, and you are the one I love the most.
Step closer human child, lean in so you can hear me...

Poem and photograph copyright of Mayfifth1935 Designs

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