Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Because I care... [bespoke greetings and gifts]

Like all crafters, I love making things for people, so here are a few examples of cards and gifts I've created for friends and family over the years.

Framed collage to celebrate the birth of a daughter for my friend Sarah.

For her first birthday, I decorated this vintage specimen box.
It is really fragile and has a glass lid!

A tree decoration to celebrate her first Christmas
A framed collage and card for my beautiful niece Hanna's 20th birthday.
The three Cicely Mary Barker flower fairies represent me and my two sisters, while the birds represent Hanna and her sister, Lily
And a  keepsake for her 21st
House warming talisman

Bunny card, talisman keepsake and brooch for Louise!
A collective card for a colleague's 60th
I represented my fellow Library staff by the animals they love

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