Friday, 29 April 2016

Art in circles

I find a certain harmony that emanates from art placed within a circular shape, and looking at this brief retrospective selection of my work it is something I am clearly drawn to...

Kalli, Bunny and Savage floral collages in gold circle frames [2013]

Floral March bunny collages in gold circle frames [2014]
Circles have no beginning or end.
They represent the eternal whole and in every culture are an archetypical form representing the sun, the earth, the moon, the universe, and other celestial objects between.
Circles are used to suggest familiar objects such as wheels, balls, many kinds of fruit.
They suggested well-roundedness and completeness.

"Bees" collection glass and metal double sided pendant [2014]
"Bees" collection metal and glass double sided pendants [2014]
"Bees" collection Melissa gift boxes [2014]
Circles have free movement.
They can roll.
Shading and lines can enhance this sense of movement in circles.
Circles are graceful and their curves are seen as feminine.
They are warm, comforting and give a sense of sensuality and love.
Their movement suggests energy and power. Their completeness suggests the infinite, unity, and harmony.

Magical talisman [July 2012]

Kalli and March bunny collages in gilt fames [2012]
Troedyrhiw Christmas angel in her home tin [2015]
Scull motif decorated vintage specimen box photographed against matching background
Circles protect, they endure, they restrict.
They confine what’s within and keep things out.
They offer safety and connection.
Circles suggests community, integrity, and perfection.
Because they are less common in design they work well to attract attention, provide emphasis, and set things apart.

Floral scull hanging circle postcards

Madonna of the roses hanging postcard [2013]

Affirmation hanging postcard [2013]

Decorated tins [2015]

"Nature's Almanac" decorated tin lid [2015]

"Savage" brooch [2013]

"Scull" brooch [2013]

"Dolly" brooch [2013]

"Alice" collage as mobile upload [2014 no filter]
"Alice" collage as mobile upload [2014 vintage filter]
"Alice" collage as mobile upload [2014 ghost filter]

How I wish that the beautifully composed circle definitions in this post were written by me, but they were in fact taken from this website:

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