Sunday, 9 October 2016

Let's make... Christmas tree decorations [part2]

In this second festive DIY post, I'm going to show you how to make more Christmas tree decorations and these are a little more personalised. Once again though, they begin with very basic items you will most definitely have lying about the place.
The first decoration is something very special indeed - an anniversary memento of a baby's first Christmas. Made to be cherished and brought out to hang on the tree every year. And what makes it even more special is that it is made from the lid of one of his baby-food jars!
It is pretty straightforward to make as you can see from the following directions...
This one was made for my great-nephew who lives in Germany :)

Print off the photo of your choice and cut it to the correct size to fit inside the lid.
Most jar lids have a vacuum indentation so I recommend cutting out a piece of card and sticking the image to that before sticking into lid; this gives a nice smooth base.
As this is a memento, some wording that marks the occasion is always a good idea.
You can of course put this on the front, instead of the image [or as well as the image] but, I've chosen to put it on the reverse.

As with all my wording, I type it, print it out, cut it down and then immerse in a little warm back coffee; this takes off the stark white new paper look.

Finally if you wish, edge the image with a little glitter glue, which sparkles off the fairy lights perfectly when hanging on the tree <3
Now come a few other ideas for novel decorations and the first is made using a... beer bottle cap!
As with the memento, put your words [or image] on a piece of card first before adhering into the cap. The twine will need to be super-glued around the cap and this is very fiddly but you'll get the hang of it. This is particularly poignant with a loved ones name or image on.
The next idea is glittery paper cones with golden ribbon that hang beautifully on the tree.

I have already blogged about how to make these here
The next idea is made from a... screw top lid from a bottle of wine!
This one is so light, it can placed directly in amongst the Christmas tree branches. The inside of the bottle top is painted with glitter glue and when fully dry, some wording of your choice can be added. The white ribbon gives it a very angelic look. 
And so we come to the final idea and it is made using a... sushi bottle!
I'm sure you've all bought sushi packs for lunch over the years, but did you ever think of cleaning the little plastic soy sauce bottle and using it to hang on the Christmas tree? Possibly not :) But, this is the perfect receptacle for a child's mini Santa list or any sentimental message. The red cap makes it already fairly festive looking but a strip of red gingham ribbon finishes it off to perfection! This is an especially nice easy project for younger children to work on.

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